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Themes of integration

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Free of charge and accessible to all, it is aimed at refugees and those accompanying them. You will find simplified information, translated into 7 languages, that can be listened to and easily shared.

You will receive the link to download the app by message. Don't worry, we won't keep your number!

Two types of information

103 procedures

739 actions proposed by 504 structures

Why and when should you use Réfugié

Once international protection is granted, many administrative procedures must be undertaken. Réfugié publishes practical information sheets to make these procedures easier to understand. Today, there are 103 sheets, covering all aspects of integration.

Réfugié allows you to orient your beneficiaries within your territory and beyond. By entering your department, you will find the list of actions available around you to welcome and support refugees. Please note that the platform is collaborative: some territories are better mapped than others.

During an appointment, you can send an interesting sheet directly to the phone of the person you are accompanying. Your personal number remains anonymous.

On Réfugié, information is simplified, translated into 7 languages and can be listened to. The cards can be used to communicate or explain information. This tool can thus facilitate the work of social support.

Free resources at your disposal

We provide you with a set of digital and physical tools to discover the project and talk about it around you: animated videos, multilingual flyers, presentation brochures, visuals, etc.

Free resources at your disposal

Réfugié already has thousands of users


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An original community committed to refugees



List the actions promoting the integration of refugees in the territories.

Managers of structures+603

Managers of structures

Drive their scheme files and support the writers.

Committee of the accessible approach+19

Committee of the accessible approach

Composed of volunteers and professionals who write sheets on administrative procedures to facilitate their understanding.



Participate in the translation of information to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Expert translators+4

Expert translators

Proofread, harmonise and validate the translations proposed by the volunteers.



Help to raise awareness of the project among local actors and refugees.



Disseminate the project's content and news to raise awareness and promote information among the refugee public.



Test the functionalities before their development in order to create an experience adapted to the users' needs.

Réfugié team+9

Réfugié team

Coordinates all the communities of contributors and organises the smooth running of the project.

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