Get a travel document

Get a travel document

Last update15 avr. 2022

What is it?

To obtain a travel document, you must have obtained refugee status (10 years) or subsidiary protection (4 years).

The travel document allows you to travel outside France.

Good to know : Your travel document is valid:
- 4 years if you have a multi-year residence permit;
- 5 years if you have a resident card.

It is issued by the prefecture on which your domicile depends and is renewable .

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

What to do?


Create and complete your file

Your file must include:

  • a copy of the valid residence permit,
  • proof of residence (water and electricity bills, rent receipt) OR a certificate of accommodation and a copy of the host's identity document,
  • 2 standard-compliant passport photographs (bareheaded, 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm format, recent and perfectly alike)
  • tax stamps to pay the tax (see step 2).

Buy a tax stamp

Obtaining the travel document for refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection is chargeable . You must buy a "tax stamp" of:

  • 45 euros if you are a refugee (10 years)
  • OR 40 euros if you are a beneficiary of subsidiary protection (4 years).

The stamp can be purchased online or at a tobacco shop.


Make your request

You can apply for (or renew) a travel document online on this official website:

Good to know : It is no longer necessary to make an appointment at the prefecture or to travel to apply for a travel document. You will have to go physically to the prefecture only for the delivery of the title.

Between the submission of the application on the site and the delivery of the title, you can see the status of your application at any time on your personal account.

If you cannot complete the procedure online, you can also check whether your prefecture also offers to send or bring your file. To do this, you must check on your prefecture's website how the application must be submitted: on site, by post or electronically.

For a list of prefectures,you can click here.

And after?

Renew your travel document

You can renew your travel document by repeating the process. Do not forget to attach to your file a copy of your expired travel document. 

Traveling with minor children

To travel, minor children must be able to present a circulation document for minor foreigners (DCEM) . This document must be requested by the parents in the prefecture. It is valid for 5 years in the Schengen area.

Good to know : To obtain a DCEM, you can complete the procedure online by clicking here.

Outside Schengen, a travel document must be requested for children, with a visa depending on the country. The travel document must be collected from the prefecture with the presence of the minors concerned.

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