Make and use an e-photo

Make and use an e-photo

Last update31 oct. 2022

What is it?

An e-photo (or digital signature photo) is a dematerialized photo ID with a digital signature (i.e. on the internet).

The French administration uses this service for many online administrative procedures, such as on the ANTS website (National Agency for Secure Documents) and on the Étrangers en France website.

Good to know: The e-photo is the fastest and most secure solution for all requests for identity documents, for example the residence permit or the driving licence.

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 16 years

France entière

Age required
More than 16 years

What to do?


Find out where to take an e-photo

The e-photo must be taken by a professional photographer or in a photo booth officially validated by the ANTS (National Agency for Secure Documents).

Good to know: A photo booth is a booth with an automatic camera. You have to sit inside, close the curtain and do what is written on the screen. The photo and signature are taken directly in the cabin.
You can find photo booths in shopping malls, train stations, metro stations… They are suitable for people with reduced mobility.
On the official photo booths for taking an e-photo, there is a blue logo: "Approved ANTS SERVICES ONLINE".

To find a professional photographer or photo booth near you, click here. You can write your address or use geolocation on the mobile phone.

Good to know: In a photo booth, an e-photo costs 8€.
With a professional photographer, the price is between 8 and 15€.


Take an e-photo and make a digital signature

Here are some rules for taking a good quality e-photo that will be accepted:

  • Face must be clear (no hair in front of face), ears visible, chin up, eyes and face always facing the camera.
  • Sit up straight, look ahead and keep a neutral face (avoid smiling, closing your eyes or opening your mouth).
  • If you have glasses, they must not hide your face too much: tinted glasses and sunglasses are prohibited. You don't have to wear your glasses in the photo.
  • Beanies, hats, caps, scarves, hair accessories are prohibited.
  • In a photo booth, remember to close the curtain well to have good light.

After the photo, it is necessary to sign on a tablet or touch screen with a special pen.

At the end, you will receive a photo-signature board with a code of 22 alphanumeric characters (with letters and numbers ). You need this code to complete the forms.

Good to know: An e-photo code can be used for a single online procedure and is valid for 6 months.


Use an e-photo

You can use your e-photo to ask for example:

  • A residence permit :

> To read: the sheet: "Obtaining your residence permit"

  • Driving license production

> To read: the sheet “Requesting a driving license”

Good to know: The transfer of information (photo + signature) from the photo booth or the professional photographer to the ANTS site can take 24 to 48 hours. It is therefore advisable to wait 2 days after the e-photo to make the request on the site.
With the classic passport photo, the processing time of your application will be longer.

And after?

If the e-photo code does not work

If the e-photo code is still not active 48 hours later, you can report the problem:

- If you took your e-photo in a photo booth
Use the contact form here or send an email to this address:

- If you took your e-photo with a professional photographer
Contact him directly by email or phone.

To find the photographer or photo booth where you took the e-photo, click here.

If you are unable to apply for a driving licence

You can contact the ANTS for any questions about your file:

  • By phone Monday to Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.:
    > to 34 00 in mainland France (price of a local call)
    > on 09 70 83 07 07 overseas and abroad.

The service is suitable for deaf and hard of hearing people.

  • With a contact form available here.

Good to know: The contact form is the most effective method to receive a response quickly.

  • In a digital reception point
    You can be helped at a digital reception point in your department, in the prefecture or sub-prefecture, to complete the process online.

Follow the progress of the request

Connect to your ANTS or Étrangers en France account and go to your personal space to find out:
- how your file is progressing,
- if you need to send additional information,
- the decision of the administration (accepted, refused).

> To read: the Réfugiés.infos sheet "Create a personal account on the Étrangers en France website"

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