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AudienceStateless people, Asylum seekers, French citizens, Statutory refugees, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection


Free of charge


Be in possession of a residence permit or a receipt
Have a bank account

Where is it?

Register and request assistance from CAF

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What is it?

Refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless people who live in France can receive financial assistance from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), depending on their situation.

There are different types of assistance:

The money you receive is called a “benefit” or “aid” or “allowance”. A person who receives aid from the CAF is called a “beneficiary”.

To find out whether your situation entitles you to receive money from CAF, you can run simulations on the internet (see step 2). To apply for assistance, you will then need to register with CAF (steps 3 and 4).

Please note, CAF aid is only available to people who live in France.
Some aid depends on your income (salary, unemployment benefits), others do not.
Some aid is sent to your bank account every month. Other aid is one-off: it is sent only once.
You have the possibility to register with the CAF and apply for RSA as soon as you apply for asylum . When you receive the positive response from the OFPRA or the CNDA on your protection, send the document to the CAF, which will calculate your RSA from the moment you made your request. This is called “ retroactivity of rights ”.

You can download the free “CAF - My account” application to monitor your file and your aid payments or even declare a change.

> App Store download link (Apple)
> Play Store download link (Android)

How to do it?

On the CAF website, you can find information on the different aids:

You can also do a simulation (see step 2).

If you think that your situation allows you to receive financial assistance, you must carry out a simulation to find out what the amount of assistance will be.

Click here to do a simulation on the CAF website.

Select the aid for which you want to perform a simulation.

Click on “Get started” then answer the questions asked. Finally, click on “Calculate”: the result of the simulation is displayed.

If the simulator indicates that you are not entitled to assistance, it will explain to you why. If you made a mistake when answering the questions, you can start again.

If the simulator indicates that you are entitled to assistance, it indicates an approximate amount. To be sure of receiving this aid, and to know exactly how much, you must register with the CAF by making a “benefit request” (step 3).

There is another website to simulate all the aid to which you are entitled, for all organizations at the same time:

To apply for financial assistance:

Click here to go to the CAF website, “My procedures” section.

Go to the bottom of the page, where it says “ Apply for a service online

Then click on the type of help you need:

  • Personal life: birth, adoption, separation, children at school…
  • Professional life: RSA, activity bonus
  • Housing: personalized housing assistance (APL), moving bonus, etc.
  • Disability: education allowance for disabled children, allowance for disabled adults
  • Life accident: dependence, death, violence

To request assistance, click on “apply”.

You must then create an account (if you are not already a beneficiary) or log in (if you are a beneficiary and already have an account). (see step 4)

Complete the requested information and send the documents.

If you want to request several aids (the activity bonus and the birth bonus for example), you must make several separate requests.

To register, you must first apply for a service on the internet (step 4 below).

You can then create an account or log in:

> If you have not got an account yet (you are not a CAF beneficiary), you need your social security number which begins with 1 or 2: this is your identifier. First fill in your details, then write the verification code received by SMS or email. You can then choose a password. Next time, you can click "login" directly.

> If you do not yet have an account (you are not a CAF beneficiary), nor a definitive social security number which begins with 1 or 2: you answer "no" to the question "I have a social Security". You will receive a temporary ID. First fill in your details, then write the verification code received by SMS or email. You can then choose a password. Next time, you can click directly on "connection" using your provisional identifier (until you receive your definitive social security number).

> If you already have an account (you are a CAF recipient), you need your social security number which begins with 1 or 2: this is your new identifier. The first time, log in with your old password, then you will need to change it.

> If you already have an account (you are a CAF beneficiary), but a temporary social security number that starts with 7 or 8: you must call the CAF in your department to get a temporary identifier to connect.

You can call the CAF at 3230 (free), Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. without interruption. Please note: for telephone contact with the CAF, the old beneficiary numbers and password must be used. For the website, these are the new identifiers explained above.

If you prefer to go directly to CAF, that is also possible. To find the address and contact details of your CAF, go to the website, click on the top right on "My CAF" and write your postal code (5 digits, for example: 95500) then click on " to validate". You will be directed to the CAF page for your department. They are all different. In general, you will be able to click on “contact us” or “reception points”.

What happens next?

If your personal situation changes (for example: a new person joins the household, you move house, or you separate), you must inform the CAF. If your employment situation changes (a new job for you or your spouse, the end of an employment contract, starting a training course, etc.), you must also inform the CAF.

Also don't forget to send your new RIB if you change bank accounts.

Each change in situation leads to a new calculation of your financial aid: if your salary or your rent changes, CAF sends you more or less money.

To report a change to CAF:

  • go to the CAF website or mobile application and log in,
  • go to “My profile” then click on “declare a change”.
The CAF has access to information from other administrations, taxes for example. If you declare different information or if you have made a mistake, you must also report this to the CAF. If CAF sends you too much money for your situation (an “overpayment”), it has the option of asking you to repay. But be careful, if you do not report an error, it may be considered “fraud”. You may then be sanctioned.
If you move and change department, it is possible that the benefits will stop while the file is transferred to your new CAF.

You must declare a move even if the rent has not changed or if your landlord is the same. If you had housing assistance, you must make a new application for assistance for the new housing.

After making your request for assistance, your file is awaiting processing. You have to wait, there is no need to send another letter or email. CAF receives a lot of requests and delays are sometimes long.

You can follow the processing of your request online or on the Caf-Mon Compte mobile application. Go to > My Account Area > My procedures section.

If CAF requires additional documents from you (new residence permit for example), a red frame appears on the home page of your account (on the site or on the application). This indicates that you have received a notification. You must send the document(s) as quickly as possible to update your file.

Every 3 months, each person who receives the AAH (Disabled Adult Allowance), the RSA (Active Solidarity Income) or the activity bonus must declare their resources to the CAF.

This process is called the “ quarterly declaration of resources ”. You must complete a table, for each month requested, with the money received (salary, unemployment benefits, etc.). This allows CAF to calculate the aid that will be sent for the following 3 months.

To find out how to declare your resources each quarter => see the Réfugié sheet on the quarterly declaration of resources to the CAF .

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