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Have a foreign diploma recognized in France

Updated on 15 днів тому

What is it?

Do you have a foreign diploma and want to continue your studies or work in France? You can request a certificate of comparability of your diploma from the ENIC-NARIC center (national information center on the academic recognition of foreign diplomas in France, by France Éducation International).

Please note that the comparability certificate does not replace the foreign diploma: it helps to understand the studies carried out in another country and indicates the level of diploma or skills. You need official documents (diploma, transcript, training certificate, etc.)

If you have completed studies or training in another country but without having received the official diploma at the end, you can request a certificate of recognition of the period of study or training carried out abroad.

The certificates of recognition of period of study or training help to understand up to what level you have studied (even if you have not validated the final exam). You can continue to study in France without restarting the training from the beginning.

These certificates are official but have no legal value and are not mandatory.

Each university and each company is free to request, accept or refuse these certificates to enroll or hire you.

Depending on the university, if you have a Master 2 in your country of origin, you can be accepted for a Master 1 or a Master 2 in France, but not always for a doctorate directly. It is therefore advisable to apply for a certificate as soon as possible, to find out in which year you are registering.

The ENIC-NARIC France center gives priority and free consideration to requests for certification from asylum seekers, refugees, stateless persons, and beneficiaries of subsidiary or temporary protection.

A grid of criteria makes it possible to evaluate each diploma in relation to the system in the country of origin.

If you do not have proof of your diplomas or your marks, because you could not take them before leaving your country or because they were lost during the trip, you have the possibility of making a application for the European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR).
> To read: the sheet “Applying for a European Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR)”

How to do it?

The Enic-Naric center does not process diplomas with less than 200 hours of training or less than 6 months of training.

You must go to this platform to start your online applic ation.

Register on the platform by entering your personal information. At the end of this first step, an email will be sent to you with your file number.

Good to know: Please keep this number as it will be necessary for any future contact. A link will also be sent to you allowing you to follow the progress of your file.

Log back in using the link sent to you for your file.

Fill in all the fields in each section then indicate the diploma you wish to have recognized (you can only submit a file for 1 diploma).

You must then upload your ID and your translated diploma (or transcripts) (documents written in German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese do not need to be translated).

Good to know: To find out how to use a certified translator to have your diploma translated, you can consult this file .

After uploading your documents, you can finally validate your request.

Good to know: If your file is incomplete, it will be returned to you and you will receive an email specifying the type of missing document.

You can follow the progress of your file by clicking on the link that was sent to you in the email confirming your request.

The processing time is a maximum of 4 months.

Good to know: The deadlines can be extended during the health crisis.

You can follow the progress of your file by clicking here or on the link in the first email.

You need the file number and your date of birth to log in.

The deadlines vary depending on the requests, an email is sent as soon as the file is processed.

What happens next?

Once the expertise has been validated, a certificate of comparability or a certificate of recognition of the period of study will be sent to you electronically (PDF format only).

You can add the attestation to your university admission file, you can write on your CV that you have an equivalency, you can present it to potential employers.

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