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Requesting a customary certificate for marriage or civil partnership

Updated on il y a 10 mois

What is it?

The customary certificate is a document which brings proof that a person of nationality other than French has the capacity to marry in France (single, of legal age according to the law of the country of origin and capable of entering into a commitment).

The customary certificate is no longer necessary to marry or enter into a civil partnership in France for refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless persons.

> To read: the Réfugié file “Getting married in France”

> To read: the Réfugié file “Security in France”

The custom certificate is still necessary for foreigners not protected by Ofpra to marry or enter into a civil partnership in France. They must contact their embassy or consulate to obtain the certificate.

How to do it?

Since February 15, 2023, you no longer need to request a custom certificate from the Ofpra. Your town hall should no longer ask you for this paper for your wedding or PACS.

For all foreigners who are not refugees, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection or stateless persons, you must contact your embassy or consulate to obtain this document.

What happens next?

You do not have to give a certificate of custom to your town hall.

If your town hall asks you to contact the embassy of your country of origin, you must not do so and you must tell them that it is forbidden.

You can show this sheet to your town hall to explain it to them.
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