Make your quarterly declaration of resources to the CAF

Make your quarterly declaration of resources to the CAF

Last update17 mai 2022

What is it?

Every 3 months, each person who receives the AAH (Disabled Adult Allowance), the RSA (Active Solidarity Income) or the activity bonus must declare their resources to the CAF (Caisse d'Allocations Familiales).

Good to know: To read also: the sheet "Registering for CAF"

This approach is called the "quarterly declaration of resources". A table must be completed, for each month requested, with the money received (salary, unemployment benefits, etc.). This allows CAF to calculate the allowance that will be sent for the following 3 months.

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

What to do?


Wait for the CAF request

Every 3 months, CAF sends you an email to inform you that you must declare your resources, with an internet link to your personal space on your CAF account.

Good to know: The message is also sent to the CAF application for smartphones.
> App Store (Apple) download link
> Play Store (Android) download link

The online declaration is available on the My account space from the month following the period to be declared.
Example: for the declaration for the months of March-April-May, the declaration is available from June.

Be careful not to exceed the deadline for making your declaration.


Complete the declaration form

The declaration can be filled in online or on paper. There is a table with three columns that must be completed (one column for each month requested).

You must write, depending on your situation:

  • the exact amount of your salary,
    Write the “net amount payable before tax” from your payslip (at the bottom of the page), the month you received it (if you received your March salary in April, declare it in April),
  • your unemployment benefits paid by Pôle Emploi,
  • child support,
  • in “other resources”, you must add your training allowance if you have been in training, your internship allowances, severance or end-of-contract bonuses, daily social security allowances if you work and have been in sick leave or maternity leave.

Also remember to declare the resources of the people who live with you: husband, wife, children.

If you haven't received anything during this period, tick “no resources” at the bottom of the page.

Good to know: This declaration of resources is easier to complete on the CAF application for smartphones.

Write down everything you received, don't forget anything! But it is not necessary to write down what you received from CAF.

And after?

Wait for the CAF estimate

Depending on the resources you have declared, the CAF will inform you of the amount of the allowance that you will receive for the following 3 months.

After declaring your resources and registering them on your CAF account, you will receive an email confirming your process.

If you made a mistake in your statement

If you have made a mistake in your declaration, you must inform the CAF immediately.

  • If the error concerns personal life (couple, children, housing, etc.) or professional life (new job, job loss, etc.): I connect to My Account > Declare a change section.
  • If the error concerns the resources: I connect to My Account > section Contact my Caf > Send an email.

If you have already received money from CAF before the recalculation, you must repay.

Good to know: Please note: if the CAF demonstrates that you have deliberately made a false declaration, it is fraud and you may be penalized (filing of a complaint, financial penalties).

If you filed late

If you forget to make your declaration before the end of the deadline, the payment of your aid may be temporarily stopped. The payment is then made the month following receipt of the quarterly declaration.

Do not forget to declare your changes of situation

Declare changes in your family situation in your personal space without waiting for the quarterly declaration. Connect to “My Account” and update your situation (new job, move, birth of a child, marriage, arrival of a person in your home).

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