Applying for child benefit

Applying for child benefit

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Last update12 août 2022

What is it?

Family allowances are a financial aid that parents receive every month from the birth of their second child.

This aid aims at supporting parents in the education of their children who live on French territory, up until the age of 20 (for expenses related to school, clothing, food, leisure, etc.).

Family allowances are paid by the Caisse d'allocation familiale (CAF). They are paid to all parents, whether rich or poor.

Good to know:

You are entitled to child benefit from the month following the birth of your child (starting with your second child).

For example, if your second child was born on 15th January, benefits will be paid from 1st February.

The amount of this assistance depends on financial resources, the number of children and their age.

For example, for parents on low incomes, the amount is €131 or two children, €301 for three children, €470 for four children.

Good to know:

You can estimate the amount of your child benefit by clicking here.

Who is it for?


France entière


France entière

What to do?


Declaring the number of dependent children to the CAF

CAF automatically allocates family allowances as soon as it becomes aware of a second dependent child.

If you have RSA:

All you have to do is indicate in your application for Active Solidarity Income (RSA) your number of dependent children to benefit from it.

If you don't have RSA:

To find out the address of the CAF closest to you where you need to send your documents, you can use this online tool (indicate your postal code).

Good to know: You must attach to your application a copy of your residence permit or the OFPRA or CNDA decision for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, erasing the parts relating to the narrative.


Receive child benefits

Allowances are paid monthly

The allowances to which you are entitled for February, for example, will be paid at the beginning of March.

The amount of allowances varies according to your resources.

For example, your income for 2019 will be taken into account to determine how much will be paid to you for the year 2021. Your income must not exceed a limit which varies according to your situation.

Good to know: the amount of your child benefits will be higher from the month following the 14th birthday of your child.

And after?

What is the retroactivity of child benefits?

If you filled in your application for child benefits (and followed your file up with the CAF) when applying for asylum, you will then receive an additional amount for this period. The amount due to you will be added to your first payment.

Speak to your social worker if you have any questions about this.

Other possible family benefits

Regular allowances (paid monthly):

Childcare allowance (for expenses related to the arrival of a baby, childcare costs, etc.)

  • The young child care benefit
  • The family supplement
  • The supplement for the free choice of childcare
  • Optional supplement for free choice of childcare

Other allowances (for housing costs, a disabled or sick child, single parents, etc.)

  • Housing allowance (APL)
  • Education allowance for disabled children (AEEH)
  • Family support allowance (ASF)
  • Daily parental presence allowance (AJPP)
  • Shared child-rearing benefit (PreParE)

One-off bonuses or allowances (one-off payment):

  • The birth bonus and the adoption bonus
  • Moving allowance (for families with at least 3 dependent children)
  • The back-to-school allowance

Good to know: to find out more about these helps, you can consult the CAF website.

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