Becoming a self-employer

Becoming a self-employer

Last update5 juil. 2021

What is it?

A self-employed person is a person who creates a business alone and for himself to exercise a commercial, craft or liberal activity.

Please note, with the self-employed status, you can earn maximum:

  • € 72,600 per year in turnover for craft or liberal service activities (example: translation, delivery, advice, etc.)
    > List of craft activities ; List of liberal professions
  • 176,200 € for commercial activities (example: purchases and sales of goods, objects, supplies, food or for accommodation services, except the rental of furnished premises whose threshold is 70,000 €).

i Good to know : You must create a bank account dedicated to self-employment.

The advantages of a self-employed plan:

  • Open to everyone (employee, unemployed, student, etc.)
  • There is no need to bring financial capital to create your “self-business”
  • The calculation and payment of social security contributions is simple
  • If you don't earn money for a period, you don't pay taxes or social contributions
  • Your accounting is simple
  • You can benefit from Assistance for the creation or takeover of a business (ACRE) which reduces your social contributions at the start of your activity.

The disadvantages :

  • The insecurity of this status
  • No unemployment and no cash flow in the event of a stoppage of activity, whatever the reason (illness, work accident, etc.)

i Good to know : There are insurance for this, but you have to pay in addition to your mandatory contributions.

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 16 years

France entière

Age required
More than 16 years

What to do?


Create an account on

To declare your own business, you must create an account on the following site:

Create my own business

i Good to know : The creation of an account can be done even if you do not yet have your definitive social security number.


Fill out the activity creation form from your account

After creating your account, you must complete the “activity creation” form from your account.

i Good to know : For more information, you can look at pages 12 and 13 of the Account creation guide, which concern this step.

This form allows you to declare the nature of your activity and complete general information about you.


Validate the form and send your identity document

Once you have finished filling out the “activity creation” form, it will be saved to your account.

You must now send your identity document with your completed “business creation” form. You can do it :

  • Via internet by making the “tele-declaration” from your account,
  • By post to the URSSAF address indicated at the end of filling out the form.

i Good to know : You can use the receipt with the mention “Authorized to work” as an identity document, if you are recognized as a refugee and you have not yet received your residence permit.


Receive the documents for the creation of your auto-enterprise

Once your auto-enterprise has been created, you will receive by post some documents with important information:

  • The SIREN number and the SIRET number : these are the two numbers that identify your company.

i Good to know : The SIREN is 9 digits , while the SIRET is 14 digits .

  • The Kbis : it is the official document which certifies the legal existence of a commercial enterprise.

And after?

Declare your turnover regularly

You have to report your turnover (the amount of money you have earned) every month or every quarter (every three months), it depends on your choice when setting up your self-business.

This declaration can be made on:

i Good to know : It is very important to declare your turnover, even if you have earned 0 euro.

Do you have questions about being self-employed?

If you have specific questions, you can contact URSSAF advisers.

i Good to know : To help you, you can also go to the official business creator assistant (in French).

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