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Accessing the "right to a bank account" procedure

Updated on 22 дні тому

What is it?

A bank may refuse to open a bank account for you.

In this case, you can contact the Banque de France in order to exercise your right to a basic bank account.

Indeed, any person domiciled in France who does not already have an account and who has been refused a deposit account by a bank has the right to start this procedure. It is the Banque de France that will designate a bank to provide a deposit account and the free basic banking services associated with the right to an account.

If a bank refuses to open an account for an individual, it can offer to take the necessary steps with the Banque de France to benefit from the right to an account.

How to do it?

You have followed the steps of the "open a bank account" procedure, but the bank refuses to open an account for you or does not answer you within 15 days of your request ?

You can then contact the Banque de France.

Banks are based on the principle of "commercial freedom". This means that each bank is entitled to accept or refuse a client.

You must provide the following documents:

  • If the bank does not respond to you within 15 days: Proof that you have requested the opening of an account at a bank (acknowledgment of receipt of the registered letter addressed to the bank OR receipt of deposit in person from your request)
  • If the bank refuses to open your account : Letter of refusal to open an account with the logo of the banking establishment
  • The completed account right form : to download it, click here!
  • Recto/verso proof of identity with valid photograph
  • Proof of address (for example, water or telephone bill less than 3 months old, rent receipt less than 3 months old, title deed) or proof of accommodation
    • Proof of identity of the host (for people hosted)
  • A sworn statement proving that you do not have a professional or personal bank account.

You can do the procedure online from the Banque de France website.

To do this, you can either connect with FranceConnect, or create an account.

Once connected to your personal space, you can complete the "Right to an account - filing an application" procedure.

Once your file is complete, you can go to your nearest Banque de France branch to submit it.

=> To find the branch closest to you, click here!

What happens next?

Within 1 working day following its entry, the Banque de France designates a bank close to the applicant's domicile or the place of his choice.

Within 3 days after its appointment, the bank must give the client the list of documents required to open the account.

You will then be able to benefit from basic banking services free of charge, associated with the right to an account (possibility of opening or closing an account, receiving bank identity statements, making checks and bank transfers, remotely consulting the balance of your account, etc.)

This procedure is free since it comes under the European right to a basic bank account ("droit au compte").

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