Have a Navigo Pass to take transport in Île-de-France

Have a Navigo Pass to take transport in Île-de-France

Last update7 oct. 2022

What is it?

A card with a subscription for people who work and/or live in Île-de-France and who regularly use public transport.

The Navigo Pass is valid on all means of transport:
- subway
- train
- tram
- bus

The Navigo Pass offers different subscriptions and allows unlimited travel: it means you can take transport as many times as you want, without buying a ticket for each trip.

Good to know: Some lines are not included in Navigo Pass subscriptions: Orlyval (Orly airport bus), Bus Direct Paris-Airport ex-Cars Air France, VEA Disneyland shuttles, OpenTour tourist buses and Cars Rouges. You have to buy a special ticket.

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

France entière

Age required
More than 18 years

What to do?


Order the Navigo Pass card

To order the Navigo Pass card, there are several possibilities:

  • In a commercial agency or in an RATP counter. In this case, the card is issued immediately.
  • By internet on the site here, click on “Order a card”. In this case, you must create an Île-de-France Mobilités Connect account (click on "I create my account") and upload a photo. The card is sent to your address in a maximum of 3 weeks or available in a sales agency or an RATP counter in 3 working days (not on Saturdays and Sundays).
  • By mail by sending a Navigo Pass application form (available in sales agencies or at an RATP counter) and a photo. This option is mandatory for people who work in Île-de-France but do not live there. In this case, the card is sent to your address in a maximum of 21 days.

Good to know: The Navigo Pass card is free. Above, you have your name and your photo. You cannot lend it to someone else.

The documents to be given are:

  • A passport photo (if you go to an agency, the photo is taken on site, it is not necessary to bring one),
  • A proof of residence, or a postal address in Île-de-France,
  • An employer certificate if you work in Île-de-France but live outside zone 5.

Choose your plan and pay

You must first choose the duration of the package (how long does the subscription last):

  • a year,
  • a month: from the first to the last day of the month,
  • one week: Monday to Sunday,
  • a day.

Then, you have to choose the zones of the subscription. For the Navigo Pass, Ile-de-France is divided into 5 zones. You can take :

  • all zones (zones 1 - 5),
  • or 2 zones (zones 2 - 3, zones 3 - 4 or zones 4 - 5).

Check which area you live in and which area you go to work, take classes, see family and friends. You can download the map of the regional transport network here, or ask directly at the station.

Good to know: With an annual (per year) or monthly (per month) subscription, the Navigo Pass is "de-zoned" on weekends, public holidays, during school holidays and during the summer from July 15 to August 15. It then allows you to travel throughout the Ile-de-France without zone limits.

The prices are different according to the zones and "decreasing": buying 1 year costs less than 12 separate months, buying 1 month costs less than 4 separate weeks. If you order online, you have to pay by credit card. If you order directly at a counter, you can also pay in cash.

Good to know: It is possible to have reductions to pay less, for example if you receive State Medical Aid (AME), if you are disabled, or if you have low income.
> To read: the Refugees.info sheet "Ask for transport solidarity pricing"


Activate your plan

As soon as you have purchased your Navigo Pass subscription, you must activate it on an automatic machine available at ticket offices, or on a sales machine at RATP stations or SNCF stations. This is to be done only once, at the start of each new subscription.

Then, you must validate the Navigo Pass (i.e. "beep" on a terminal) each time you take public transport.

Good to know: You can change your pass, information or payment methods at any time at a station or on the website using your account.

And after?

Reload the package

To continue using your Navigo Pass, you must top it up weekly or monthly depending on your plan.

As for buying a new package, there are several solutions:

> on the website with your personal account
> on an automatic machine in a station
> in a commercial agency or an RATP counter
> with a smartphone using the Île-de-France Mobilités app. Everything is explained here.

Good to know: "Week" packages can be loaded from Friday for the following week.
"Month" packages can be loaded from the 20th of the month for the following month.
Avoid waiting until the last day to top up at the machines or at the counter!

Lost or stolen Navigo pass

If you have lost your Navigo Pass or if it has been stolen, you must go to a commercial agency, or to some RATP counters, or to the SNCF Navigo Services counter to report the loss or theft. You must bring an identity document and 8€, and the Navigo Pass will be replaced.

Good to know: If the Navigo Pass card no longer works, you can have it checked at an agency or at a counter. In the event of a technical problem, the card is replaced immediately and free of charge.

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