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AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Stateless people, Beneficiaries of temporary protection
Level of FrenchB2, C1, C2


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Be in possession of a residence permit or a receipt
Have a end of high school level

Where is it?

Work as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or midwife

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What is it?

Do you have a diploma that authorizes you to work in your country as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or midwife? You can practice your profession in France, under certain conditions and after a several-step process.

This process lasts on average 3 or 4 years.

It is mandatory to have a B2 language level in French to work in France as a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or midwife.

- If you have a doctor's or midwife's diploma allowing you to practice in your country of origin, you can complete 6 months of training to practice as a nurse.
To read: the Réfugié sheet “Become a nurse in France”

- If you have a dental diploma allowing you to practice in your country of origin, you can complete rapid training to work as a pharmacy technician.
To read: the “Become a pharmacy technician” sheet

- If you have started or finished a specialty diploma in medicine or pharmacy in your country, you can follow specialty training in France allowing you to work as an “intern”.
To read: the Réfugié sheet “Training while working for specialist doctors or specialist pharmacists”

How to do it?

You can request a temporary authorization to practice, issued by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of your place of residence, to be recruited by an establishment as an “ associate practitioner ”.

Having a temporary authorization to practice is not compulsory. But it can be interesting to understand how the French health system and its codes work, while working and being paid. This also allows you to improve your level of medical French. So it’s good preparation for the next steps in the exercise journey.

Here are the different steps to obtain temporary authorization to practice:

  • Find a hospital that welcomes you as an “associate practitioner” .
  • By clicking here (see appendix 2), you will find the form that the establishment must complete (= host commitment form).
  • Create a file. You will find the list of all the documents requested for your file by clicking here. Don't forget to add the application form and the establishment's commitment to accept you.
  • Send your file by email to the general direction of care provision of the ARS in your place of residence. You will find the ARS emails here .
  • After checking your file, the director general of the ARS will give you (or not) a temporary authorization to practice.
You can find tips here that can help you along your journey.
All supporting documents must be written in French or translated by a translator approved by the French courts or, for candidates living abroad, have been translated and certified by the French consular authorities.

> Also read: the Réfugié sheet “Request the official translation of a document”

You must register online on the common CNG/ARS platform . Please note that registrations only take place once a year!

You will have to send them your registration file, attesting in particular to a B2 level of French. You will find the list of required documents by clicking here.

It is not mandatory to have a temporary authorization to practice to take the tests, but it increases your chances of passing the KVT.

At the end of your registration, it is preferable to print and keep the acknowledgment of receipt of your registration.

The exam consists of two written tests: one of practical knowledge and one of fundamental knowledge. Each specialty has specific tests. You will need the minimum mark of 10/20 to pass the tests.

In case of failure, it is possible to register to retake the tests (4 attempts maximum).

To prepare for the tests, you can watch the subjects of the tests already taken on the CNG website . You can find the subjects in the section: "How to access the annals?".

After passing the KVT, to work as an "associate practitioner", you must have a reception commitment from a hospital establishment.

You will find by clicking here the form that the establishment must complete for your hosting commitment (see appendix 2).

You will then have to complete a skills consolidation course as an associate practitioner, the duration of which varies according to the profession:

  • two years for doctors and pharmacists,
  • one year for dental surgeons and midwives.
Your internship is carried out under the responsibility of a referent practitioner. You will be paid approximately 30,000 euros gross per year.

You must make a request to the National Management Center (NMC) by providing these documents , as well as the registration form . They must be written in French or translated by a certified translator.

> To read also: the sheet "Requesting the official translation of a document"

The practice authorisation committee will assess your skills. In particular, it will base its assessment on the evaluation report completed by your manager from the organisation where you completed the skills consolidation programme.

CAUTION: The evaluation report is not the same for the four medical professions. You must provide the correct document to your manager. You can find it in the annexes to this decree.

If you do not have an answer one year after your request, this means that your request for authorization to exercise has been rejected. In this case, you have the right to a second attempt.

What happens next?

Congratulations! Your application has been accepted and you will receive your definitive licence to practise.

You can now work in France, in both the public and private sectors. To do so, register with the "Order" for your profession.

Here is the list of Orders and their website:

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