Connect to a site with FranceConnect

Connect to a site with FranceConnect

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Last update14 juin 2022

What is it?

FranceConnect allows you to connect to online services for free with a single account that you already have.

This gives you easier access to your administrative procedures online (taxes, health, unemployment, passport, etc.) and saves time.

Good to know: To use FranceConnect, you must have a definitive social security number in France.

Who is it for?


France entière


France entière

What to do?


Choose your existing account

To connect with FranceConnect, you must create or already have an account from one of these sites, either:

Good to know: It is quite possible to have several of these accounts, you will then have to choose one of them to connect.


Identify with France Connect

  • When you want to connect (for example on the tax website, Pôle Emploi, Ameli…), you will see a message with the words “Identify with France Connect” . Click on it.
  • You must then choose one of your existing accounts (from the sites mentioned in step 1). Specify your username and password.

Good to know: For example, you can use your Ameli (social security) identifiers to connect to the Pôle Emploi site.

  • Once you have entered your login and password, you must click on “Connect”.

Validate the connection

  • Once logged in, you will see your name appear with “Welcome” written.
  • Each time you connect with FranceConnect, you will also see a blue box with the words: "Continue on site name".

Good to know: For example, if you connect to the site “”, you will have written “Continue sur”.

  • You simply have to click on this box to be able to access your space and complete your procedure online.

And after?

You will receive a security email each time you log in

For security reasons, you will receive a notification email after each connection with FranceConnect to inform you of the connection.

Good to know: If you have difficulty connecting with FranceConnect, do not hesitate to fill out this contact form.

See all available procedures

You can find all the procedures available with FranceConnect on this link:

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