Get a diploma with VAE Sans Frontières

Get a diploma with VAE Sans Frontières

Last update8 déc. 2021

What is it?

The Validation of prior learning (VAE) Without Borders allows you to:

  • Recognize your professional and / or volunteer experiences carried out in your country of origin or in France;
  • Transform this experience into a diploma recognized in France;
  • Be accompanied by advisers specializing in the VAE course.

Who is it for?


France entière

Age required
More than 18 years
Impossible without
Visa or residence permit

France entière

Age required
More than 18 years
Impossible without
Visa or residence permit

What to do?


Check if I can do the VAE Without Borders

Here are the conditions to do the VAE Sans Frontières:

  • To have a residence permit of less than 5 years
  • To come from a country outside the European Union
  • To have a professional or voluntary experience allowing to justify at least the equivalent of one year of activity (1607 hours)
  • Have the desire to have this experience recognised by a diploma

Contact the academies that offer VAE

To do VAE Sans Frontières, you can contact:

  • Either directly the academies offering this support (11 in France: Paris, Créteil, Versailles, Dijon, Normandy, Lille, Nancy-Metz, Reims, Montpellier, Toulouse and Nice).
    >> Contact vae-sansfrontiè for the contact details of the correspondents in the territories.
  • Or a professional accompanying you in the process of employment.

Present your experience, background, and register

The presentation of your professional and / or voluntary background will allow the VAE advisers to guide you:

  • in the search for the evidence requested for the admissibility file
  • on the choice of a diploma and to register "officially" in the process.

For this, it is necessary to contact the DAVA (Academic systems for the validation of prior learning) in your region:

And after?

Being supported in your VAE process

During your VAE Sans Frontières course, you will be able to benefit from personalized, individual or collective help:

  • Methodological support (support for the presentation of the work structure, choice of experiences to be described, etc.)
  • French as a foreign language (FLE) training to improve your language level
  • Preparation for the oral presentation to the jury ...
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