Accessing a psychological care centre

Accessing a psychological care centre

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Last update18 mars 2021

What is it?

Medical-psychological centres (CMP) are care centres where it is possible to consult psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers free of charge, but also to receive home care or nursing care.

The care provided is fully covered by the Health Insurance.

Good to know: there are CMPs for adults (from 16 years old) and CMPs for children.

CMPs are open to everyone. There is no need to be referred by a doctor.

Who is it for?


France entière


France entière

What to do?


Identify which CMP you can go to

There is no national directory of CMPs.

To find out where to go, search the internet for “centre médico-psychologique" + the name of the city closest to you.

For example, if you live near Dijon, you should look for "centre médico psychologique dijon" in your search engine.

Call the first phone number that appears.

Good to know: on the phone, the reception desk will ask you for your city of residence and will redirect you to another centre if necessary.


Book an appointment

Good to know: a CMP will offer you appointments on weekdays at regular hours (usually 9am-5pm).

If you want other times, you may have to make an appointment with a private establishment, which will not offer free consultations.

Call the CMP you have been referred to.

You will be offered a first appointment.


Go to your first appointment

Good to know: for your first appointment, you will be taken care of by a nurse.

You will have to present:

  • Your carte Vitale (the green social security card) or a certificate of entitlement from the health insurance,

If you do not have a carte Vitale, you can consult this card: "How to obtain your vital card".

  • Your residence permit,
  • Your carte de mutuelle (top-up health insurance card) — if you have a private health insurance.

The first interview (1 hour) aims to:

  • Register your contact details with the reception desk
  • Identify and review your needs.

Then, the nurse will offer you one or several appointment(s) with either:

  • A psychiatrist (doctor), especially if you are taking medication,
  • A social worker or a specialised educator,
  • Other caregivers. E.g: speech therapist, psychomotor therapist; some CMPs may offer hypnosis and relaxation sessions ...

And after?

You can get long-term follow-up care

Good to know: you can consult a CMP as many times as you need.

The health professionals of the CMP can thus follow you over a long period of time.

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