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Important information

With Ateliers de français (French workshops)

Target audience

AudienceStateless people, Asylum seekers, French citizens, Statutory refugees, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection
Level of FrenchLiteracy, A1, A2
Specific audienceWomen, Seniors, Gender minorities


20€ per month

Availability requested

Frequency of participationMinimum 2 sessions per week


Be in possession of a residence permit or a receipt

Where is it?

Learn French to be independent

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What is it?

French courses to improve your level, integrate into French society and start looking for a job.

There is a maximum of 12 people per group, with levels adapted to:

  • learn the basics of the French language (grammar, vocabulary)
  • read, write, communicate
  • understand and use everyday words and expressions
  • have simple conversations
  • understand French culture.
Beneficiaries of international protection (refugees, stateless people, beneficiaries of subsidiary or temporary protection) and asylum seekers have reduced rates:
- Membership fee to register with the association: €10 per year
- Lesson cost: €20 per month

Why is it interesting?

  • Learn the alphabet and numbers
  • Know how to introduce yourself
  • Understand basic grammar
  • Learn new words
  • Improve oral and written communication with simple documents
  • Make progress in reading and writing.

You will meet people who live in your city to discuss different topics and learn French together.

  • Be able to have conversations
  • Take administrative steps
  • Use public transport
  • Buy food
  • Going to the doctor...
  • Values of the French Republic and citizenship
  • French culture and general culture with images and videos, role-playing games...

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