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Important information

With Cours de français (French classes)

Indigo Formation
Proposed byIndigo Formation

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection
Level of FrenchA1, A2


Free of charge

Availability requested

Duration of commitmentExactly 2 months
Frequency of participationExactly 21 hours per week


Have signed the CIR (contract of republican integration) and completed the OFII course
Be in possession of a residence permit or a receipt

Where is it?

Reach A2 level in French

Updated on il y a 25 jours

What is it?

French training courses with 21 hours of lessons per week for 2 months.

- better understand, speak, read and write the French language
- become independent in daily life
- look for work or a training
- sit for an official A2 level exam.

You can participate in this training if you have signed the Republican Integration Contract (CIR) with the OFII within less than 5 years.

Why is it interesting?

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • express a feeling, an interest or disinterest
  • describe people, things, places
  • talk about past events
  • ask for and offer help, or advice
  • ask for and provide information
  • share your point of view and defend it.

Understand how the administration works to take the necessary steps.

Know how to communicate at work, in training, in the street, with the administration, with friends...

At the end of the training, you can take the TCF examination to have an official diploma of your A2 level.

The TCF is free if you signed your Republican Integration Contract within less than 2 years.

How to do it?

  1. Come to the Indigo Formation office at 144 Rue de la Gibauderie, 86000 Poitiers
  2. Take the pre-registration form at reception and complete it
  3. Give a copy of your residence permit or receipt
  4. Give a copy of your Republican Integration Contract (CIR)
  5. Come and sit for a placement test on one of the proposed dates.
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