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With Kabubu

Kabubu Lyon
Proposed byKabubu Lyon

Target audience

AudienceStateless people, Asylum seekers, Statutory refugees, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, French citizens


Free of charge

Availability requested

Days of attendanceMonday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Where is it?

Practice sport

Updated on il y a 5 mois

What is it?

Sports activities in Lyon and Villeurbanne, free and open to all:

  • indoor football
  • basketball
  • swimming pool
  • dance
  • badminton
  • running...

Every week the program is different.

There are also activities dedicated to women.

Why is it interesting?

The trainers adapt the activities to the physical level of each participant, and there's a friendly atmosphere to make sure you have a great time.

You can meet trainers and participants, and get to know each other during the activity.

It's an opportunity to speak and hear French, in order to learn words and improve your language level.

You have the opportunity to try new sports, for free.

For example mixed activities:

  • climbing
  • muscle strengthening
  • running
  • badminton
  • swimming pool
  • basketball
  • dance

And 100% women’s activities:

  • 100% women fitness
  • 100% women's basketball
  • 100% women yoga
  • 100% women soft gym

How to do it?

  • Register online by clicking here. You must register each week for the following week!
  • Or write an email to or call 07 82 77 58 64.
  • If you have any questions, you can join the Kabubu Lyon Whatsapp group by clicking here.
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