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Important information

With Olivet Solidarité

Target audience

AudienceStateless people, Asylum seekers, French citizens, Statutory refugees, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection


Free of charge

Availability requested

Frequency of participationMinimum 4 hours per week

Where is it?

Learn French

Updated on 9 місяців тому

What is it?

These are free collective French lessons open to everyone. All levels are accepted.


  • Improve your level of written and spoken French
  • Have a sufficient level to find a job
  • Take and pass official exams (example: the DELF, French language studies diploma).

Learning is based on real-life situations: finding a job, daily life in French society, etc.

Why is it interesting?

Perfect if you have no resources nor financial aid!

You will have access to a group lesson adapted to both your availability and your level.

Speaking French well is very important for finding a job. Making progress in French will enable you to reach the level required for many jobs and to pass the DELF exam.

Knowing French culture and heritage will help you integrate into the society that welcomes you.

How to do it?

Registration on Thursday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at our headquarters: 146 rue du Général de Gaulle, 45160 Olivet.

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