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Important information

With The Integration and pre-training center of the Companions of the Tour de France

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people
Level of FrenchA2


Free of charge

Train in building trades

Updated on il y a 2 ans

What is it?

For people who have difficulty entering training and who have a professional project in the building trades, the Compagnons du Tour de France offer personalized support to bring you up to speed according to your needs and your difficulties (communication, mathematics, discovery professions, digital, etc.) and support you in all aspects of your professional project.

Good to know: After the course, we guarantee you a place in training if you have acquired the necessary basics!

>> Find out about all the courses available here

Why is it interesting?

From the very first days of the programme, we take a look at all your needs: training, professional project, skills already acquired, administrative needs, accommodation, etc.

This approach enables us to offer you support that meets your current and future needs.

The professionals accompany you towards autonomy. The aim is not to do things in your place, but to give you the possibility to act on your own even if you need help today.

All our workshops emphasise interculturality because there is a great value in mixing cultures.

It is important to understand your culture and the French culture in order to move forward together!

Through projects, workshops, outings, you are part of a collective. You can help others and rely on the collective to advance further!

How to do it?

To pre-register, go to NETYPAREO and fill out the form

Once your registration has been validated, you will be called for placement tests. Depending on the results :

  • Either you enter training directly (if you have the prerequisites)
  • Either you join the integration and pre-training center

If you cannot enter training straight away, we invite you to join a support course of the Insertion and Pre-training Pole.

We explain the course in detail and take stock of your skills and needs.

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