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Important information

With with the "Coup 2 Mains" program

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people
Level of FrenchB1


Free of charge

Availability requested

Duration of commitmentBetween 1 and 6 months

Be accompanied by a mentor in my job search

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What is it?

It is an individual and personalized support, towards and during employment.

Each mentee is supported in their job search by a professional recruitment volunteer in order to facilitate access to the professional world.

For a maximum of 6 months, the mentor accompanies a candidate individually, including at the time of taking up the post..

From CV formatting to interview preparation, via job search platforms, the duo is going through a real journey together!

Mentoring is open to all job seekers, graduates or not, of all ages .

To join this program, it is necessary to have a defined and solid project, to be actively looking for a job and above all to be motivated!

Steps :

  1. Getting to know each other and identifying expectations: what are your needs, your projects?
  2. Connecting the mentor/mentee pair (depending on the professional project, personality and geographical location)
  3. Launch of the mentorship and organization of the first meeting
  4. Sharing accompanying documents
  5. Follow-up of the pair through regular contact with the mentee and the mentor
  6. Listening and mediation in case of difficulties
  7. Assessment of the support with an appointment between the mentee, the mentor and the La Cravate Solidaire team.

Why is it interesting?

The mentor is there to answer your questions and give you advice.

In addition to his or her expertise, the mentor provides personal support by identifying and enhancing the candidate's qualities and helping him or her to gain confidence.

Thanks to the professional coach, you can understand the rules and organization of companies in France.

This helps you to a better preparation and make you feel comfortable in your future role.

Mentoring is also open to people looking for qualifying training or work-study training.

How to do it?

  • By phone: 06 52 74 29 05


  • By email:

We will take the time to discuss and understand your needs in order to support you better.

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