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Important information

With Terre 2 Cultures

Terre 2 Cultures
Proposed byTerre 2 Cultures

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people
Level of FrenchA1, A2, B1, B2, C1


50€ per year

Availability requested

Duration of commitmentBetween 6 and 24 months

Work in the agricultural sector

Updated on il y a 2 ans

What is it?

Terre 2 Cultures is an association that supports refugees who wish to settle in rural areas and work in the agricultural sector.

The association offers people a job and accommodation with one of its partner farmers and helps the person to settle permanently in the territory thanks to social, educational and cultural support .

Why is it interesting?

Terre 2 Cultures offers employment and accommodation in the agricultural sector for isolated refugees who have social difficulties and no much access to employment.

People stay with farmers and work as farm workers.

Throughout the follow-up, the association helps people with their administrative procedures (CAF, Pole Emploi, bank, etc.) and organizes training to better understand the French system.

Terre 2 Cultures also offers accompanied people leisure activities and weekend outings (mountain, sea, sport, etc.)

For refugees who wish to settle permanently, Terre 2 Cultures helps them to:

  • Find their own accommodation
  • Find professional training to evolve in the agricultural sector or in another professional sphere
  • Find French lessons and leisure activities nearby
  • Find solutions for their mobility: get the Road Safety Certificate (BSR) for the scooter, pass the driving license, etc.

How to do it?

  • I can contact the WhatsApp number +33 7 67 10 29 75 and request an appointment at the association's headquarters in the 14th arrondissement.
  • I can contact the WhatsApp number +33 7 67 10 29 75 and directly request an appointment with the employees of the association in Montauban, Lavaur or Toulouse.
  • If I am registered with a local structure (OFII, Forum Réfugiés, France Terre d'Asile, Mission Locale, Pôle Emploi, etc.), I can ask my adviser to meet people from Terre 2 Cultures.
  • I can contact the WhatsApp number +33 7 67 10 29 75 and request an appointment depending on the city where I am located.
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