Break the isolation
with the AIDES association

Break the isolation

the AIDES association

Last update21 déc. 2021

What is it?

We offer you numerous opportunities of meeting in order to break the isolation of people:
- discussion groups (sometimes called "apéros" in some AIDES premises),
- support groups for people with HIV and/or hepatitis, as well as hotlines for sexual health.

Who is it for?

Target audience
For all
Age required
More than 18 years
How much does it cost?
Action zone

France entière

Target audience
For all
Age required
More than 18 years
How much does it cost?
Action zone

France entière

Why is it interesting?

You are not alone in what you are struggling with

It happens that we feel alone most of the time when facing problems related to health, papers and discrimination when arriving in France. Participating in our groups allows you to meet people who had the same journey paths, and lived the same realities.

Feel stronger and supported

Exchanging with people, who have lived or have experienced the same things as you, allows you to find the strength and the serenity in you to face your daily life problems, and above all you will benefit from their experiences in terms of health or administrative procedures, or even from their life experiences in relationships and affections.

Spaces for everyone

"Les apéros" or community discussion groups allow to meet and talk.

It covers topics chosen by the members of the group: it is a moment of exchange and sharing, here are some examples (they are not all reserved for people living with HIV):

- Exchange groups between migrants or people of African origin,

- The group or "apéro" Femmes (for women)

- The group or "apéro" Trans (for transgender people) and Non-Binaries,

- The Mecs group or "apéro" (for men who have sex with other men),

- Sexual health workshops to discuss topics related to sexuality and prevention.

- Support groups for people living with HIV.

Caring and confidential spaces

Our discussion or support groups take place in a benevolent, friendly and above all confidential setting, allowing you to talk about what you are going through without feeling judged.

Take care of yourself in our sexual health centers (SPOT)

A SPOT is a community sexual health center supported by AIDES: there is a warm and caring environment with a comprehensive sexual health service ( ):

- an expanded medical service (general practitioners, specialists, medical analyses, etc.),

- a community support by our activists.

There are 4 SPOTs in France:

- SPOT in Paris,

- SPOT in Marseilles,

- SPOT in Nice,

- SPOT in Montpellier.

How do I get involved?


It is often required to sign up first for groups, "apéro" and workshops. This registration can be done:

- in the facilities of AIDES,

- on the social networks Facebook or Instagram,

- by mobile phone.

For PSS (sexual health hotlines) and SPOT: visits possible without appointment but it is better to call before coming to check that it is open.

All the information on the places closest to you is in the interactive map below.

In general, the timetables are indicated:

- on the AIDES website: (our network)

- on Facebook and Instagram for most AIDES mobilization/local locations.

Find a contact :
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