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Important information

With ENVIE Bourgogne

Proposed byENVIE DIJON

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people
Level of FrenchA2

Availability requested

Duration of commitmentAbout 4 months

Where is it?

Find a job in the home appliance industry

Updated on il y a 3 ans

What is it?

The ENVIE structure specializes in the recovery, repair and treatment of household waste.

It recruits people for various positions: repairers, weighing agents, forklift truck drivers, salespeople, parts sorters ...

The people recruited are supported and trained by professionals.

Why is it interesting?

Employees are supervised by professionals, who support them in building their professional project.

You will learn a trade by being trained on a position.

How to do it?

Ask your Pôle Emploi, Mission Locale, Social Assistant or social worker to register on the Inclusion platform:

  • Mail:
  • Phone: 03 80 59 62 20
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