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AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people


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Where is it?

Abused Children: Getting Help

Updated on il y a 3 mois

What is it?

119: you can call this free number if you are a victim or witness of violence against children/teenagers.

This number is intended for children/adolescents who are victims of psychological, physical and sexual violence, particularly within the family, where they live, or at school.

In case of emergency or immediate danger, call 17.

Why is it interesting?

 The free call allows an immediate response if you are a child / adolescent at risk of physical or sexual violence 

The number is available from any phone, at any time, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The call is free from all phones (landline or mobile).

 You are a parent in difficulty facing violence against your child, you can contact this number for help, advice. 

 You are an adult, and witness situations of physical or sexual violence against a child / adolescent, you can also call this number. 

 A set of professionals is at your disposal and can help you, advise you. If necessary, in the event of immediate danger, the police can be notified of your situation 

119 does not appear on any phone statement or bill, no one can know that you called this number.
The professionals who listen to you respect the confidentiality of calls, they do not share your identity.

How to do it?

 This number is free, from a mobile phone, a landline number, from a public phone. 

 This number can be reached every day of the year, even at night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

 Confidentiality is respected. 

To speak to a professional on live chat, to write, to be called back, to go to a sign language exchange platform.

Click here.

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