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With Ovale Citoyen

Ovale citoyen
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Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people


Free of charge

Playing sport

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What is it?

 Come play rugby or football with Ovale and Football Citoyen!

Ovale Citoyen is an association that allows anyone to access rugby and football in a mixed environment! Whatever your level, your physical condition, whether in beginner mode or with experience, access to Ovale Citoyen and Football Citoyen is free of charge and comes without restriction. For each activity, Ovale provides all the equipment necessary: shoes, socks, shorts and shirt as well as shower kit (soap and towel). 

Ovale Citoyen is present in several cities in France: Bordeaux, Pau, Nantes, Mantes la Jolie, Nanterre and Paris. It is coming to Toulouse soon! 

Why is it interesting?

 Oval Citoyen and Citoyen Football are about sharing together the values of sports, having fun, training and playing matches together. 

 It also means getting support: we provide legal / administrative and social accompaniment to respond to the problems of all of our players. 

/Moreover, if a beneficiary of Oval / Football Citoyen has the legal authorisation to work in France, we help him find work and / or training in his / her field! 

How to do it?

 You can contact us on facebook , by email or by phone! 

 Do not hesitate to come and meet the team in Bordeaux 

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