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With Reloref

Target audience

AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people


Free of charge

Where is it?

Refugee Employment and Housing Network

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What is it?

Since 2004, the Reloref project-team has been working to increase the skills of integration actors and promote networking in supporting beneficiaries of international protection (BPI). It now acts as a resource center for social workers with:

  • The transfer and sharing of expertise with institutional and associative actors involved in the field of integration,
  • The animation of a network of integration professionals,
  • Legal support for integration professionals,
  • The production of educational guides and tools,
  • The establishment of partnerships for the integration of beneficiaries of international protection.

The Reloref project is funded by the European Union (FAMI) and the Ministry of the Interior.

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This program is aimed at integration professionals.

Why is it interesting?

Open to all professionals working in conjunction with persons benefiting from international protection, the Reloref team is at your disposal via its website to respond to your blocking situations relating to access to the rights of the target public (right residence, social rights, employment, housing, family reunification, etc.).

Do not hesitate to register on the Reloref website and apply for legal and social support

The practice exchange meetings make it possible to share the field experiences of professionals involved in integration issues, to question their daily practices and to provide them with solutions, tools and ideas for improving these practices. Outside contributors are invited to open up the debates to other practices and allow people to discover various solutions to the difficulties observed. Depending on the themes chosen and the conditions of implementation, the project team organizes three meetings to exchange practices over two days and face-to-face per year.

To be informed of the holding of these REP, do not hesitate to register on the Reloref website

Open to all professionals working in connection with persons benefiting from international protection, the hotlines are a place of exchange and advice set up since the beginning of 2021. During an appointment lasting an average of 30 minutes, the professional will be able to explain a blocking situation or a request for information on defined topics. These requests will occur in the following thematic field:

- Right to stay, residence permit

- Civil status: issuance of documents by OFPRA, rectification of errors

- Access to social rights CAF, Retirement

- Employment: Employment center and right to work

- Health rights: CPAM

- Youth: local mission

- Family reunification

- Mobility and travel: travel document, movement of minors, driving license

- Right to account and Domiciliation

- Housing: documents required by lessors and development of the DLS for BPI

- Family member: regularization parent-child refugee, refugee child, spouse

- Nationality/naturalization

At the end of each interview, a "Prescription" sheet containing the main issue, the problem presented, the advice provided and the reference laws will be drawn up and given to the person concerned.

Registrations for hotline

Good to know: The hotlines are held every month in video due to the health situation. A Zoom link is sent to participants a few days before the meeting date.

The project team develops partnerships with social actors, professional integration, language training, health and housing, in order to promote the social and professional inclusion of people benefiting from international protection.

Would you like to establish a partnership? Contact the partnership officer by email at:

The Reloref project team offers a presentation of the path and the main rights of persons benefiting from international protection to the structures that request it (actors of social and professional integration, actors of asylum, schools of social workers , companies...)

Would you like to benefit from an awareness-raising action? You can request it on the Reloref website

The project team regularly publishes educational and legal tools for actors supporting people who are beneficiaries of international protection.

  • Integration capsules;
  • Guides and kits;
  • Newsletter, legal and social monitoring, asylum letter and Vues Europe;
  • Onboarding webinar.
  • REP report

All our tools are available for download on the Reloref website

How to do it?

By email to:

By phone on:

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