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With JRS Jeunes

JRS France
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Target audience

AudienceAsylum seekers, Statutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people, French citizens


Free of charge

Where is it?

Meet and build together

Updated on 10 місяців тому

What is it?

The JRS Jeunes programme enables people of all nationalities (French as well as foreign citizens) to meet and get to know each other through various activities. These can be cultural, social, artistic or sportive activities. They are experienced on an equal footing: at JRS Youth, everyone is welcome to participate or to lead an activity.

Why is it interesting?

Thanks to the activities, it is possible to meet people who share the same interest!

The activities are free, free, open to all, without registration and without commitment: just come to the activity that interests you.

Within the activities and convivial times, participants can forget the hassles of everyday life and relax.

At JRS Jeunes, anyone can lead an activity! All you need is talent and the desire to share it. It is also possible to get involved in welcoming newcomers, facilitating activities...

Thanks to the activities, it is possible to discover the cultures of the other participants: by discussing, by learning, by cooking, by having fun!

How to do it?

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