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Where is it?

CROUS student accommodation

Updated on il y a 10 mois

What is it?

The Regional Center for University and School Work (CROUS) offers low-rent accommodation for scholarship students as a priority.

To benefit from student status, you must be registered in a French higher education establishment. You must obtain the INE (National Student Identity) number to officially be a student and to benefit from aid. The INE number is made up of 11 characters (10 digits + 1 letter or 9 digits + 2 letters).

If you are eligible for the scholarship, you must complete the Student Social File (DSE) request before applying for accommodation on the following site:

The CROUS will first allocate accommodation to students with a validated DSE. The files of non-scholarship students are not priority.

To read: the Réfugié sheet “Apply for a scholarship”

CROUS accommodation is allocated according to 3 criteria:

  • Family income
  • The number of children dependent on the family for tax purposes
  • The distance from the family home and the place of study

The duration of the lease for CROUS accommodation is a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year. university (September to July inclusive). The request can be renewed each year, within the limit of 5 years of occupation.

During the year, some accommodation is exceptionally available for a duration of less than one academic year.

How to do it?

You must create an account on the following site:

3 things will have to be filled:

  • Identity
  • Email address
  • National Student Identification (INE)
If you do not have an INE number (you come from abroad or you are educated in an establishment not dependent on the National Education), you will have to provide proof of your registration in French higher education for the current or future year or an internship certificate in France.

At the end of your registration, you will receive an email with a verification code (6 letters) to be entered in your registration form.

In case of difficulty, you can find the CROUS contact on the following site:

To start your search for accommodation, you must log into your account for the first time:

  • Go to the website
  • Click on the "login" button located at the top right of the site page to open a window to indicate your email address and your password that you created in Step 1.
  • To access the accommodation offers, scroll down the page until you reach the heading "Find accommodation" then click on the "In CROUS residence" icon.

A new page titled “Find Accommodation” will open. You can also access it by clicking here:

Click on “Find Accommodation”: you will find all the proposals for CROUS accommodation.

You can simplify your search by indicating the address of your university in the "Location" box.

On the home page of the "find accommodation in a university residence" site ( ), click on the "Find accommodation" icon to access the list of available accommodation.

Once the main phase opens, you will be able to place two wishes (the residence + the type of accommodation) on three different sectors.

For each of the sectors, you can check an option allowing the Crous to offer you free accommodation if your first two wishes are not met.

In case of difficulty with your request, you can contact the CROUS assistance service or see if your question has not already been answered here on the website

The important dates (the opening of the main and additional phases, the award dates, etc.) are indicated on the home page.

If no accommodation has been allocated to you during the main phase, an additional phase is open to submit applications for the remaining accommodation.

If you have been allocated accommodation during the main phase, you can confirm that you accept the accommodation by paying an advance on the fee / rent. The deadlines (in principle 7 days) must be respected to pay the fee in advance, otherwise the reservation is canceled and the accommodation is put back online.

You can only book one accommodation at a time with CROUS. If you have a pending reservation request in a CROUS, you will not be able to book other accommodation in the same CROUS.

Once you have paid the advance, you will need to complete your rental file online. You can access this either by clicking on the link sent to you by email when you paid the advance, or by logging on to the Mes Services Étudiant website Mes Services Étudiant website ( , Cité'U section .

In particular, you will be asked to validate or provide:

  • the internal rules
  • the joint and several guarantee contract provided to you, completed and signed by the third party acting as guarantor,
  • an insurance certificate covering rental risks (fire, water damage, civil liability),

You will also have to pay the security deposit. You can then make an appointment for your key delivery.

When you enter the residence, you will be asked:
- to pay your first rent,
- to present the student card or a registration certificate for the academic year for which accommodation was obtained.

What happens next?

If you are already staying in a Crous residence and want to keep your accommodation for the next academic year, you must submit a renewal request in your Cité'U space on the following site: https: //www.messervices.etudiant.

Once you have been notified of the CROUS's decision, you have 2 months in which to send an ex gratia appeal by post to the CROUS director to contest the decision. To do this, you must write a letter setting out your reasons.

There is no obligation for the CROUS director to change the decision.

From the notification of the decision of the ex gratia appeal, you have a period of 2 months to address a contentious appeal before an administrative court.

The addresses of the administrative courts are available on the following site:

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