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Programme, workshop, training course, online course, reception desk or any other device directly accessible by refugees.
~ 20 minutes
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Explain a step-by-step administrative process to make it easier for refugees to access and understand.
~ 40 minutes
Complete the integration directory to facilitate contact between people and to make it easy for refugees to access the right person.
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Explain the difficult admin words of integration to make it easier for refugees to understand.
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Let's deploy the platform in your area together

Réfugié offers an up-to-date map of devices

Thanks to our collaborative features, actors can identify and promote their actions independently. Our team supports them if necessary via our live chat.

Réfugié translates information for you — with real, human translators.

The platform relies on a network of volunteers and translation experts to translate and popularise information in a language suitable for refugees.

Réfugié helps direct your beneficiaries within your territory and beyond.

Thanks to the national coverage of Réfugié, beneficiaries can find more information about schemes close to their homes and throughout France.

The Réfugié team offers you tailor-made support.

We help you define your deployment objectives, taking into account the human resources available in your area. Our team travels as needed to train and equip the ambassadors.


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If a paragraph turns out to be wrong, please react immediately within the paragraph. No need for an account. Look for the icon above by hovering your mouse over the paragraph to be corrected.
Suggestion of modification (coming soon)
Propose a new wording to make it easier for those responsible for the form. This way, the different entries will be written by several people!