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AudienceStatutory refugees, Beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, Beneficiaries of temporary protection, Stateless people


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Sponsor a refugee

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What is it?

Are you a citizen wishing to volunteer to facilitate the integration of a refugee? The State and the Ministry of the Interior wish to help you make this commitment a reality.

“Education” sponsorship is the opportunity to get involved with a refugee, to help them with their schooling and their learning of the French language.

Many sponsorship or mentoring actions are aimed in particular at newly arrived children and young people who are discovering the French school system and the French language. Depending on the profile of your godson, you can support him in his learning of the codes and the functioning of the school, and offer him educational support. These moments of exchange and mutual aid will allow your godson to integrate more easily into French society.

Citizen sponsorship programs are aimed at anyone - young people, students, professionals, adults, etc. - wishing to get involved with refugees. The only essential criterion remains the motivation of the future sponsor who will have to give his time to accompany and meet regularly with the sponsored person.

Good to know : However, you will in no way have the vocation to replace the social worker, the goal being to allow the person to practice the French language, to guide him in his school career and to develop a privileged relationship with the sponsored person.

Why is it interesting?

The regular exchanges that you will have with the sponsored person will allow them to improve his French, to enrich their vocabulary, but also to gain confidence and spontaneity when speaking.

Helping the sponsored person to strengthen their mastery of French gives them the chance to be able to integrate more easily into the host society.

This is an opportunity to help the sponsored person (in particular children and young people attending school) to build their school career and to better understand the expectations of the education system in France.

In addition to participating in a mission that will concretely help the refugee person, you will be able to discover new cultures (history, music, cuisine, traditions, etc.) or even learn another language.

How to do it?

Identify the referral program that suits you best and is located near you by going to the interactive map below.

Click on the device of your choice, you will obtain the details of the organization in order to contact it and get involved!

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